I help adult adoptees find peace and hope in God's word.

Hey there.
I'm Iris P. Bryant.

Meet your adoptee Advocate.

Being teased on the playground because I didn't know "my real parents" and called a Cabbage Patch Kid during youth services at church was a regular childhood occurrence for me. My automatic response was, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me."

The truth is, the childhood taunts did not leave any visible signs of pain—except in the days these words led to physical altercations—but the pain that these words caused to my spirit lasted decades.


This is why I show up everyday!

This is why I show up everyday!

The beginning of my story leaves much to be desired.

 You are part of His amazing plan.
You are welcome here.

 Even in my most vulnerable state, God's plan was greater than the plan of the enemy. In Him, I am known, seen, and loved. His words reframed my story and redirected my life. He is also writing a beautiful story with your life.

I am married to the love of my life and best friend, David.

Our blended family consists of three young adult children and a teenager. One of our greatest joys is our 3 year old granddaughter, Jewel.

We are active in our church and the community.

We enjoy traveling and spending quality time together.

We live in eastern North Carolina.

My Family

I am the youngest of 4 (family of origin) and the oldest of 3 (adopted family)!

middle child syndrome

I taught high school English at my alma mater –in the same classroom I was taught in high school!

A teacher at heart

My love languages: coffee in the morning, watching the sunrise at the beach, and Sunday afternoon drives.


Fun Facts

– Patrice M.

“She and her ministry have helped me to develop spiritually by helping me see the woman that God has truly created me to be. Iris is a bright light in this world and she consistently challenges us to think beyond what we see and to press into God's reality for us. She is a fierce advocate for those who are hurting and I can say that she is truly a Sister in Christ and in helping serve in the adoptee community. ”

"I love this community!"


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